Business Intelligence

A3 Freight Payment's business intelligence tools are based on core beliefs that information systems should be easy to use, intuitive, robust and provide 100% transparency to all data.  

The A3 Control Suite embodies these beliefs and empowers our customers and their logistics partners to quickly access information with little or no training.  Multiple apps provide users with specific functionality to make the process of mining data quick and easy.


  • Web-based (browser and Internet connection required)
  • Available 24 X 7
  • Configurable data access by user/role
  • Configurable rights by user/role
  • Drill down capability
  • Export to XML, .PDF, Excel, flat file (.TXT, .CSV, comma-delimited)
  • Create, edit and save queries, reports, dashboards
  • Executive dashboards


A3 Control Suite Apps


Inquire was designed to provide quick access to transaction processing status and shipment details for a single or small number of shipments.


Analyze provides query capability to all fields of information in the client's database.  Users can create, edit, save, and access queries in the Analyze tool and output results to flat files, Excel, .PDF, and XML.


Resolve is the cornerstone of our collaborative approach to exception management.  A3 staff, carriers, and clients work within the Resolve application to monitor and resolve all processing exceptions.  A convenient dashboard allows users to quickly determine which items require their attention and aging to help them prioritize resolution of older items first.


Report is a canned reporting application which allows users to create, edit, save, and access formal reports.  Output options include flat files, Excel, .PDF, and XML.  Additionally, users can quickly convert reports into dashboards to create their own Watch Towers.  Report comes with a standard library of reports that can be utilized for reference or in production.


Monitor is a dashboard application that provides executives with pertinent information to assist them in managing their areas of responsibility.  The application comes configured with Supply Chain, Finance, Accounting, and Transportation dashboards. 

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